We offer potato testing for certification, diagnosis, and research.

Please contact us for information on sending potato sprouts, tubers, leaves, tissue cultures or seed lot samples. We can help you pick the best testing to fit your needs.

We also test for Potato Spindle Tuber Viroid (PSTVd) using RT-PCR technique, on request.

Name of Pathogen Cat. No. Essential Delux Signature Comprehensive Submit Test Sample
Basic-6 Screen Recommended by NCS-TCP Recommended by AB Scientists All potato pathogen tests available with AB  
Potato leafroll virus (PLRV)   AB5303 Submit
Potato virus A (PVA)   AB5305 Submit
Potato virus M (PVM) AB5306 Submit
Potato virus S (PVS)   AB5307 Submit
Potato virus X (PVX)   AB5310 Submit
Potato virus Y (PVY) AB5312 Submit
Tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus (ToLCNDV) AB5420 Submit
Tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV) AB5424 Submit
Potato virus Y-necrotic strain (n/ntn) (PVYn/ntn) AB5311 Submit
Potato aucuba mosaic virus (PAMV) AB5295 Submit
Potato mop top virus (PMTV) AB5304 Submit
Tobacco rattle Virus (TRV) AB5408 Submit
Tobacco necrosis virus (A or D) (TNV) AB5400 Submit
Rhizoctonia Solani (Rsol) AB5341 Submit
Phytophthora infestans (Pi) (Late blight)   AB5566 Submit
Ralstonia (Pseudomonas) solanacearum (Rs) (Bacterial wilt) AB5332 Submit
Potato virus Y - c strain AB5644 Submit
Potato virus Y - o and c strains AB5645 Submit
Alfalfa mosaic virus (AMV)  AB5006 Submit
Andean potato latent virus (APLV)  AB5009 Submit
Andean potato mottle virus (APMoV)   AB5010 Submit
Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV)   AB5147 Submit
Groundnut Bud Necrosis Virus (GBNV) and Watermelon Silver Mottle Virus AB5445 Submit
Impatiens necrotic spot virus (INSV)   AB5211 Submit
Potato latent virus (PotLV)   AB5302 Submit
Potyvirus group test (Poty)   AB5315 Submit
Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV)   AB5393 Submit
Tobacco streak virus (TSV) AB5410 Submit
Tomato black ring virus (TBRV)  AB5416 Submit
Tomato mosaic virus (ToMV) AB5422 Submit
Fusarium spp. (Fus) AB5541 Submit
Fusarium oxysporum (Foxy) AB5538 Submit
Pythium spp. (Pyth) AB5329 Submit
Pythium ultimum (Pu) AB5594 Submit
Phytophthora erythroseptica (Pe) (Pink rot) AB5565 Submit
Phytophthora spp. (Phyt) AB5287 Submit
Clavibacter michiganensis ssp. michiganensis AB5119 Submit
Erwinia amylovora (Ea) (Fire blight) AB5174 Submit
Pectobacterium (Erwinia) atrosepticum (Patro) (Blackleg)   AB5266 Submit
Custom Tests on Request
Name of Pathogen Cat. No. Submit test sample
Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. Sepedonicus (Cms) (Bacterial ring rot)  AB5122 Submit
Sclerotium rolfsii (Srol) AB5627 Submit
Synchytrium endobioticum AB5629 Submit
Verticillium albo‐atrum (Vaa) (Verticillium wilt) AB5614 Submit
Verticillium dahlia (Vd) (Verticillium wilt)   AB5615 Submit
Macrophomina phaseoli AB5628 Submit
Botrytis cinerea (Bc) (Gray mold)  AB5067 Submit
Colletotrichum coccodes (Cc) (Black dot) AB5527 Submit
Pectobacterium carotovorum (Erwinia carotovora) (Pc) (Bacterial soft rot) AB5175 Submit
Streptomyces scabies (Ss) (Common scab)  AB5609 Submit
Streptomyces acidiscabies (Sa) (Common scab) AB5606 Submit
Streptomyces turgidiscabies (St) (Common scab) AB5607 Submit

Our first preference is Agdia Inc (which is an ISO 17025 and ISO 9001 accredited) for all reagents and kits that are available with them, and the same is also reflected on our test reports.

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