Artichoke Screen (9 tests)

Other tests available for artichoke are:
Pathogen Symbol  
Pelargonium zonate spot virus PZSV Submit Test Sample
Carlavirus group test (Artichoke latent virus M) Carla Submit Test Sample
Closteroviridae group test (Tomato infectious chlorosis virus) Clostero Submit Test Sample
Nepovirus group test (Artichoke ringspot virus, Artichoke Italian latent virus, Artichoke yellow ringspot virus) Nepo Submit Test Sample
Potexvirus group test (Artichoke curly dwarf virus) Potex Submit Test Sample
Potyviridae group test (Artichoke latent virus) Poty Submit Test Sample
Tombusvirus group test (Artichoke mottled crinkle virus) Tombus Submit Test Sample
Phytoplasmas  Phyto Submit Test Sample

We use only AGDIA reagents, Kits and Protocols for doing phytodiagnostics.

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