Key warning symptoms

  • Mottle
  • Shoestringing
  • Deformation
  • Distorted bracts

Poinsettia mosaic virus is widespread, with some poinsettia varieties nearly 100% infected. But the virus apparently does the plants no harm under good growing conditions. Under poor conditions, such as too-cool temperatures or insufficient light, the virus can cause mottled patterns on leaves or distortion of the bracts.

Poinsettia mosaic virus is not responsible for many of the apparent virus symptoms seen in poinsettias. Even when a plant tests positive for the virus, the symptoms may be due to a nutritional problem or other cause.

Poinsettia Screen (6 tests):
Pathogen Symbol  
Cucumber mosaic virus CMV Submit Test Sample
Impatiens necrotic spot virus INSV Submit Test Sample
Poinsettia mosaic virus PnMV Submit Test Sample
Potyvirus group test POTY Submit Test Sample
Tomato spotted wilt virus TSWV Submit Test Sample
Xanthomonas campestris Xc Submit Test Sample

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