Key warning symptoms

  • Spots
  • Ringspots
  • Mosaic

The two most common orchid viruses, Cymbidium mosaic virus and Odontoglossum ringspot virus, are spread by humans, when propagating plants or cutting flowers. Both viruses are very stable and can survive for a long time on hands, cutting tools and other surfaces. Aphids and thrips can spread other viruses that frequently infect orchids.

Viral symptoms in orchids vary greatly from cultivar to cultivar, and even from plant to plant. Some typical symptoms on leaves include brown, black or yellow spots or streaks; ringspots and mosaic patterns. Some symptoms that may be evident on flowers are distorted shapes, brown streaks and color break.

Orchid Screen (9 tests):
Pathogen Symbol  
Carnation mottle virus CarMV Submit Test Sample
Cucumber mosaic virus CMV Submit Test Sample
Cymbidium mosaic virus CymMV Submit Test Sample
Cymbidium ringspot virus CymRSV Submit Test Sample
Impatiens necrotic spot virus INSV Submit Test Sample
Odontoglossum ringspot virus ORSV Submit Test Sample
Potyvirus group test POTY Submit Test Sample
Tomato ringspot virus ToRSV Submit Test Sample
Tomato spotted wilt virus TSWV Submit Test Sample
Other tests available for orchid are:
Pathogen Symbol  
Carlavirus group test Carla Submit Test Sample
Nepovirus group test Nepo Submit Test Sample
Potyvirus group test Poty Submit Test Sample
Tobamovirus group test Tobamo Submit Test Sample
Tospovirus group test Tospo Submit Test Sample

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