Key warning symptoms

  • Spots, ringspots
  • Mosaic
  • Wilt
  • Chlorosis
  • Necrotic spotting

The most economically destructive disease of geraniums is bacterial blight, caused by Xanthomonas hortorum pv.pelargonii (Xhp). Symptoms can include small water-soaked or brown spots on the undersides of leaves, yellowed wedge-shaped areas on leaves, and black, collapsed stems. Xhp most often occurs in plants grown from infected cuttings, but can be spread to healthy plants by water splashing of contaminated soil, insects, dirty hands, or contaminated tools. Hanging baskets of ivy geraniums infected with Xhp can transmit the bacteria by water splash to other geraniums grown under or near them.

We have multiple Xhp tests, each has a different speed, sensitivity, and application to fit different needs. Our specific ELISA test requires less than 24 hours. If the result is positive, we report it immediately. We can confirm the results using other tests, a polymerase chain reaction test (PCR), bio-assay, and by a culture-enhanced assay, or each of these tests can also be used by itself.

Tobacco ringspot virus, Tomato ringspot virus, Pelargonium ringspot, or a combination of any of the three produce symptoms in geranium which include, yellow or dead spots, rings and line patterns on leaves, fewer flowers and aborted buds. Tomato ringspot and Tobacco ringspot viruses can be spread by soil-borne nematodes, cuttings, and seed. Pelargonium ringspot virus can be spread mechanically and by soil.

Geranium Screen (9 tests)
Pathogen Symbol  
Cucumber mosaic virus CMV Submit Test Sample
Impatiens necrotic spot virus INSV Submit Test Sample
Pelargonium flower break virus PFBV Submit Test Sample
Ralstonia (Pseudomonas) solanacearum * Rs Submit Test Sample
Tobacco mosaic virus TMV Submit Test Sample
Tobacco ringspot virus TRSV Submit Test Sample
Tomato ringspot virus ToRSV Submit Test Sample
Tomato spotted wilt virus TSWV Submit Test Sample
Xanthomonas hortorum pv. pelargonii Xhp Submit Test Sample

*Please contact us before sending samples.

Other tests available for geranium are:
Pathogen Symbol  
Arabis mosaic virus ArMV Submit Test Sample
Phytophthora Phyt Submit Test Sample
Pelargonium zonate spot virus PZSV Submit Test Sample
Tobacco rattle virus TRV Submit Test Sample
Xanthomonas campestris Xc Submit Test Sample
Carlavirus group test Carla Submit Test Sample
Curtovirus/Becurtovirus group test (Beet curly top virus) Curto Submit Test Sample
Nepovirus group test Nepo Submit Test Sample
Potyvirus group test Poty Submit Test Sample
Tobamovirus group test Tobamo Submit Test Sample
Tombusvirus group test (Pelargonium leaf curl virus, Pelargonium necrotic spot virus) Tombus Submit Test Sample

We use only AGDIA reagents, Kits and Protocols for doing phytodiagnostics.

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